We are a small family company that strives to meet the needs and desires of our customers, to ensure the satisfaction of the end consumer. We can make products according to the buyer's recipes and wishes. As far as choosing and the way of packaging is concerned, we offer various options. We are fast-responsive and with joint good cooperation, we can get the products ready for the market in a very short time.


The company was established in 2007 as a family company, which was engaged in another activity. Due to long-term experience in food industry, there was a growing idea in our family circle about producing a product, which would enrich the offer in the healthy product market. People are more and more aware of the importance of having meals that are as nutritious as possible. But to enjoy them, they have to be tasty as well. For quite a while, we were trying to develop a product that is less sweet compared to the competition, but still tasty. That’s why we decided to sweeten our 2Benatural products only using honey. The honey we use for our 2Benatural products is obtained from domestic Slovenian producers. We will continue to offer meals which are as healthy as possible, both for breakfast and a quick snack (before and during sports activities, at work or while travelling). We intend to expand our offer with the bio products in 2020.

Sustainable and development oriented

We are a sustainable and development-oriented company, and our motto is to find raw materials in our environment in order to contribute to economic development, social security in the region and, with shorter routes, to a cleaner environment.

For whom are products intended?

responsible towards their health
mentally active
physically or sport active
For those who do not have time to prepare a nutritional meal
For people with health issues
for vegetarian


We ensure the quality in compliance with the highest requirements for the food industry - the HACCP system. We carefully select reliable suppliers that meet our high demands. We exercise controls at the input of raw materials, during the production process and before the product is placed on the market. We regularly perform all the required analyses according to legislation.